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Our Clients

Medium clients are mostly in manufacturing, agriculture or retail sectors. The type of business where shareholders are not normally involved in the day to day running of the business themselves, but employ management to do so.

The typical owner-managed or family owned business; be that a farming operation, professional practice or one or other tourism operation.

These clients range from the young to retired. Whether self-employed, working for a salary, or running a business across a wide range of industries and trades.

Our Clients

At BVSA Heidelberg, we try our best to employ, train and retain the best staff possible. Our employees include qualified chartered accountants, university graduates and many of them with years of experience in the industry. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not hesitate to employ people from all walks of life, if they meet our requirements for ability, ambition, and integrity. Our staff members have both the academic qualifications as well as the experience to properly do the job they are hired for.



The agricultural activities in the geographical area in which we operate cannot be underestimated. A lot of our clients have ties with farming and agricultural related operations. Most of these enterprises deliver products or services to farmers.


South Africa is well known for its farming operations; be that fruit, wine, wheat, barley, canola, dairy, cattle, sheep or ostrich farming. We like to think that we have excellent knowledge within the BVSA Group to advise clients involved in farming.

Non-profit organisations

We service a lot of churches, schools and other non-profit organisations, normally at a special discounted rate. In many instances, our staff members are actively involved with the management and giving advice to these organisations free of charge and in their private time. We see this as playing our part in community service.


The importance of tourism in the areas we operate in, is on the increase. We know the impact the industry is already having, and will have, in future. We are therefore focused on servicing our clients involved in tourism, whether that be game lodges, guest houses, hotels, restaurants or travel agents and many more.


The manufacturing industry will always be a key economic activity in any area. Normally they're the big job creators, many times within the unskilled labour market. Our clients vary from small owner-managed operations to big factories.


Covering a wide range of clients involved in the retail market, all varying in product and service. In the process, we also service clients with well-known brand names across the retail sector.

Professional practices

Architects, doctors, dentists, lawyers, physiotherapists and vets varying from one man to incorporated practices are all part of our client base.



BVSA professionals are fully equipped to manage a client's total portfolio and advise on the necessary adjustments to ensure long term and sustainable growth in wealth.
We can assist with:

  • Share portfolio (offshore and local).
  • Retirement planning.
  • Already retired or retiring soon and need advice on investing / managing your pension.
  • Financial planning.
  • Saving for your children's education.
  • Investment in unit trusts, retirement annuities, living annuities.
  • Succession planning regarding trusts.
  • Tax planning.


BVSA Heidelberg places great emphasis on the financial well-being of his individual clients. We believe in proper planning and creating the right structures to maximize wealth creation.

To achieve the above, we do estate planning and draw up wills, or assist in doing so. If so required by the client, we will act as executor in the estate.

We will also assist with the setting up of a trust and the administration thereof, including correspondence with the Masters office. If a client asks us to, we will act as an independent trustee.


BVSA Heidelberg can prepare financial statements of all entities, from sole proprietors; partnerships, trusts and close corporations to IFRS statements required by public companies.

Should you wish to outsource your monthly bookkeeping and administration like VAT, Payroll taxes and other statutory requirements, we can supply that service, including monthly management accounts.

Medical aid

We all know the trauma and emotional stress that comes with sickness or needing an operation. Make sure that you don't add financial stress to the situation.

BVSA Heidelberg help clients to be well informed on what they are covered for.  Our department are extremely efficient in claims processing, getting hospital clearance and ensuring that you and your family receive the best service.


Companies, close corporations and trusts can outsource their secretarial work to BVSA Aliwal North. We will run the full secretarial administration as required by the Companies, Close Corporation and Trust Property Control Acts and the applicable governing bodies like Cipro and the Masters office.

Employee Benefits

We assist companies to setup a pension fund for employees that include life, disability and education cover.


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